7 eye makeup tips to make your eyes look astonishing

Why does anybody apply makeup on their face? Because they want to make their features prominent and more pointed than they have. And everybody knows you can only do that with the magic of some makeup.

You can make your cheekbone prominent with the help of a concealer or can make your lips a little blubbery by overlining it. As the gorgeous Instagram model, Lauren Henry says that you can make your eyes look bigger and beautiful as well with the help of some makeup tricks.

 Eye makeup tips to make them bright and beautiful

Prep your eye for makeup

The first step for starting your makeup is to prep the skin and the same is for your eyes. You need to prep your eyes with the right skincare products. You can use patches for the under-eye to reduce the puffiness and dark circles and also provide moisture to the eye. Or use an eye primer before applying makeup.

Apply concealer under the eye

After you have prepped your eyes you need to work on those dark circles prominent on your eyes which can be a shadow appearing under the eye. And for brightening your overall eye, you can use a glowing concealer so that it can hide your dark circles to some extent and make your eyes look beautiful.

Subtle eyeshadow shades

Now the eyeshadows turn, to make your eyes brighten, you should use subtle shades which can make them more extended. And if you want some light-shaded eye shadows you need a palette that contains subtle shades of eyeshadows.

Merge eyeshadow to your eyebrows

If you want your eyes to be bigger and more extended you have to drag your eyeshadow to your brows. It creates the delusion of bigger and extended eyes, this technique works best when you have shrouded eyes.

Don’t apply wide eyeliner

A widespread eyeliner wouldn’t be a good idea if you want bigger and extended eyes. Do not apply a thick liner, make more space for the eyeshadow to sparkle on your eyes by making a thin line of eyeliner.

Curled lashes can work best

Curling your lashes clear up the eye area making it more open. This simple step makes your eyes beautiful and when you apply mascara on your lashes, it’s a great combination. So, consider it an important step while doing your makeup.

Give shape to your eyebrows

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you can make your eyebrows arched. It gives more area for eyeshadow on your lid. Shaping your brows can make a whole lot of a change.

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