Best WooCommerce Rewards Programs For 2021

There are some questions that every online retailer has asked themselves. How can you attract more visitors, keep existing ones, and promote your company more effectively?

At least one solution is common, which is to launch a loyalty program. This encourages clients to order at your store while also rewarding your most loyal customers with discounts, referral benefits, and other perks to keep them engaged.

You may also specify when the reward points are generated and expired. Visitors can also send their reward journey to other members. Let’s explore these WordPress reward points plugins and select your preferred reward points Plugin from the list below.

Why Is The Rewards Plugin Beneficial To Your Website?

To create an online store today, you must have incentive schemes in the first place to attract clients. They will be eager to use a points and rewards program when you offer it. The Woocommerce Rewards Plugin can assist you in effectively creating a points and rewards program for your consumers.

#1 WooCommerce Points and Rewards

This Plugin allows you to reward your consumers for purchases and signup or other activity they perform in your store. You can create an organized strategy for awarding points based on various store-specific conditions. You will have complete control over the incentive and benefits and establish restrictions on allocating points and associated discounts using this Plugin. You can allocate points to your entire product line or solely to select products or types.


  • Create a reward system quickly and easily by defining purchase and action points and applying discount values for point redemption.
  • You may encourage visitors to sign up with emails or post product reviews by awarding points for these acts.
  • Set maximum discount offers at the selected product, category, and shopping cart.

#2 myCred – Rewards, Points, and Badges

myCred – Points, Rewards, and Badges is the second proposal for your website. It is a highly customized plugin for awarding and tracking points since it allows you to create various point-related apps for your website. Furthermore, this Plugin can be used for a variety of purposes. You can instantly monetize the website’s content, set up reward schemes, and so on.


  • Automatically award and deducts points to visitors
  • Store-based rewards and points
  • Allow people to browse their history through a dedicated log
  • Award management

#3 SUMO Reward Points

The WooCommerce WordPress plugin will reward your consumers for signing up, purchasing, referring, writing reviews, and sharing your website on social media. Your visitors can effortlessly redeem their points on future purchases. It provides fixed rewards for purchases or prizes based on a percentage of the purchase price.

It’s completely WPML-compatible and translation-ready, and you can set the maximum redeeming points limit within the cart on the settings page. Your members can also spend points on opposing registered members. The reward points are frequently set at the merchandise, category, and worldwide levels.


  • Instant support in the creation of an effective reward system for your store
  • Assign points for various circumstances such as product purchase, reviews, recommendations, social promotion, and so on.
  • Set up incentive points for all of your catalog’s products, or just selected ones or categories.
  • Allow clients to exchange their points for cash or transfer them to other customers.

#4 WooRewards

Last but not least, here we present WooRewards. The WooCommerce loyalty plugin guarantees that your rewards program will be up and running in minimum time.

WooRewards makes it simple to create rewards for spending a given amount of money, first-order, and much more. It also includes customizable emails, shortcodes, and a widget for displaying each customer’s point total. To engrave your widgets and emails, you don’t need to learn to code, and the Plugin is designed to be as intuitive and simple to use as possible.


  • Give points when visitors spend money based on the amount spent on orders
  • Give points when a customer places their first order
  • Give points for each order placed by your visitors
  • Give points for product reviews on your website

Wrap up!

The main purpose of every firm, especially after a successful purchase, is to provide clients happiness. Giving your clients Points & Rewards will help you develop a fantastic long-term relationship with them.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins for your eCommerce store that we believe is the best in the market, as well as a feature comparison for each Plugin. Nonetheless, if you look at all of the plugins mentioned above, you can see that myCred Plugin stands out from the crowd.

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