Flattering Makeup for Brunettes

There are hundreds of hair color shades which fall within the spectrum of a brunette. Golden brown to caramel, bronze to chocolate mauve, options in this category are virtually endless. Although, there are many colors in the family of brown, one fact is the same: there are some hues which can make brunette hair appear to be even more alluring as it can on its own. If you are a brunette and you have landed in a makeup aisle just to know which palette, brush, eyeliner or any other makeup selection will be best, search for items with namshi promo code so that you get the best brand which gives you a perfect look. Lips, eyes, complexion, the variety offered gives you all the ideas for top makeup when you have brown hair.

Makeup for Brunettes: A Flawless Complexion

Whether you are blonde, redhead or brunette, your complexion makeup should be flawless. This is the basis. Depending on your skin type, several routines are possible. However, if you are confused as to where to start, consider these points:

• Moisturize your skin with your day cream and apply a base.

• Apply your foundation or tinted cream according to the desired coverage

• Use an illuminator to bring light to the face.

• Finish with a rosy blush to give a healthy glow to the complexion and which also serves to be an ideal shade for a brunette.

How to Make Up Your Eyes?

To best highlight your eyes, it is necessary to take their color into account. Search for high quality eye liner with namshi promo code to get a perfect makeup look.

  • Brunettes with blue eyes: If you are in this category, opt for a rather dark eye shadow tending towards purple or gray. A black smokey-eyes makeup will also be very elegant for an evening event.
  • Brunettes with green eyes: Green-eye brunettes should definitely go for a plum eye shadow or an iridescent brown. As for brunettes with blue eyes, the smoky-eyes makeup will be perfect to intensify your gaze.
  • Brunettes with brown eyes: Ladies in this category are the luckiest ones as for you anything is allowed. However, prefer icy shades such as beige or light brown. If you are going out, highlight your eyes with smoky makeup.

Highlight your Smile with Colorful Lipstick

They are available in nude, red, pink, etc. you can dare anything if you are a brunette. If the red lipstick will give you a femme fatale side, the old rose will be perfect for a romantic look that is easily wearable on a daily basis.

For fall, plum or burgundy lips are also recommended for brunette girls. On the other hand, avoid shades that are too pale, which tend to weaken your brown hair. You can get a variety of lip colors with namshi promo code in different shades and hues which will enhance your brunette look in a way you have never thought of before. The key is to enhance your beauty strength. Brunettes are admired worldwide and if you are one, they have higher girl, you are the one. 

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