Follow 5 simple steps to become prominent on Instagram

When you are just starting something that you are passionate about such as painting or sketching and want people to follow your account to see your work or want to become popular on Instagram. Don’t worry! You can get popular on Instagram just like the beautiful and young model Kalysta Mallory.

Hence, to make your profile or yourself prominent and want to grow your followers we can provide you with some simple tips that can make you popular on Instagram and increase followers. So, let’s get started and see what are those simple steps.

Share your Insta profile link on other social apps

This is the best trick to gain more and more followers to share your Instagram link on your other social apps. If you have a great number of followers on your Facebook or other social apps it gives you a great benefit because you already have followers. You just have to share the link and your existing followers can follow your Instagram account as well.

Leave your comment on some popular accounts

Leave some interesting or cheesy comments on the popular accounts. When you leave something interesting it will make people curious to see who you are and if they like the content on your profile, the probability is that they will follow your account. Don’t ask to follow your account directly in the comments, it will not make a good impression.

Follow those who like you

If you are using hashtags, it will expose your profile to strangers as well and maybe they would like some of your pictures. When someone does like your picture you should outreach them and give them a follow back and commenting on their pictures would be great to connect with them.

Do not miss any chance of a shoutout

When you are just starting to get popular you should definitely find the right account and ask for a shoutout. Because when this person is gonna give you a shoutout it would be great for you and you will gain a handful of followers easily.

Engaging with your followers would be great

When you are not active on your account and posting just a picture of yourself in 1 or 2 weeks, you will not be able to gain followers. Because not being active and without engaging with followers you can’t expect them to like your post. In the end, I just want to say that make sure you are giving your best to gain popularity and some followers. And don’t forget the most important thing that is engaging with your followers more often.

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