Helpful tips to protect your skin when you are a surfer

Surfing is fun and adventurous but it can be a pain when you think that protecting your face and body skin is not that important. Have you seen the surfers looking so damn gorgeous while even surfing daily? If not, check the profiles of the Coffey sisters! Want to look like them? You need to follow a skincare routine like Ellie Jean Coffey, Ruby Lee Coffey, or Bonnie Lou Coffey to protect your skin from damage.

Don’t you get curious? When you see them spending so much time in the sea, facing the hot flaming sun and not affected by that. And if you are a little curious and want to know how they manage to look super amazing while spending so much time in the sea, read the article.

Tricks to protect your skin from everything while surfing

Sunscreen is mandatory

Do not ever think that you can go all day without applying sunscreen when you are on the beach or surfing. Because sun’s harmful rays can damage your skin pretty easily or you can get sunburnt. Well, if you want to be protected from the sun, you have to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30. And also remember to bring two sun-shielding products, one that you can apply to your body and one for your face.

Moisturize your skin before, and after getting home

When you like to surf on a daily basis, and you are spending so much time in the sea. Then you should also know that seawater is salty and it causes dryness in your skin. What can you do to save your skin from dryness? There is only one thing and that is moisturizing! But don’t use cheap products or products that contain harmful substances like paraben, oxybenzone, not only these substances are harmful to your skin but also harmful to marine life. You can use natural things like oil, butter to lock the moisture in your skin.

Don’t forget your feet

Whether before or after, do not forget to care for your feet. Although the sand is the natural exfoliator for your feet because it rubs off the dead skin cells from your feet but still when you go home after a long day at the beach moisturize your feet.

What about the hair!

If you have curly hair that’s cool. But when you go to the beach and into the water, the salty water makes your hair super frizzy and they look weird and not good at all. So, you can do one thing to save your hairstyle from a disaster and that is hair spray conditioner before going to the beach.

When you imitate all of the above precautions before and after the beach you can enjoy your beach time without any worries.

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