What a Custom Logo design Actually Says About a Brand

A logo is an easily identifiable graphic icon that identifies a commercial product, a company, or any private or public entity. It is a way to differentiate a brand in this competitive world, full of graphic elements that try to draw our attention every day. Generally, a custom logo design is a combination of colors, typographies, and graphics/symbols. It is a graphical element that is part of the visual brand identity.

Why is the logo important for branding purposes?

Even though a logo is one of the branding elements, it will most likely seem on the majority of touchpoints with clients and stakeholders such as the ads, website, stationery, brochures, uniforms, stores, packaging, product, and so on.

Therefore, a logo can be considered one of the main visual elements that allow people to immediately identify a business, its services, and its products. And pretty often, it will be the foremost thing people will use to recognize you.

 Eight reasons custom logo design should be a top priority for your business

Positive first impression

As entrepreneurs, we all are aware of the significance of making a good and positive first impression. And we also know that we have only seconds to work with to accomplish that goal.

For a brand, logos are the ‘first impression’. So, a well-designed logo will be readable, legible, understandable, and appealing such as the Starbucks logo. If your audience will not be able to read the logo or understand the name and purpose of your business, you will make an impression but it will not be a good one.

Double and triple check the sizing and kerning of the typography in the logo of your company, and gain feedback on how recognizable your graphic is to ensure that your logo is making the perfect first impression it can.

Understanding of the audience

It is absolutely important to align your logo with the target audience. It will not only draw the demographic you are searching for, but it also communicates that you understand them.

For instance, if you are starting up a company that helps to design professionals, you don’t want a poorly designed logo. Because that will suggest that your brand does not have a decent respect for your audience’s professionalism.

Personality of the brand

A logo is very crucial because it is the main tool that visually reflects your brand personality and values to the rest of the audience you interact with. Much good communication in the logo focuses on how nicely it projects the personality of the brand. Working together with your designer, ensure that the finished custom logo design correctly reflects that personality.

Factor of uniqueness

None of us will want to get puzzled by the competition, therefore, our logos should also stand out as different. This is a design element that requires consideration. A unique logo design communicates that the brand behind it is unique, too.

This can be uncertain because various elements can mark the logo a “unique” that depends on the trends within your area of proficiency. Graphic style, color choice, selection of typography, and all of these need to be leveraged to set apart the logo from your competitors.


A good custom logo design can be surely scuttled by poor execution. If you are not an artist, and not many entrepreneurs have the time to do their own branding, then ensure to work with a professional, so will end up with a professional outcome. Each thing from the file type to making sure that it appears well on distinct backgrounds goes into showing professionalism. Though, avoiding a tone-deaf style and presenting awareness of your audience, also contributes.    

Logos are loudspeakers

Delivering your logo out into the world to display your brand is like giving a loudspeaker to a child and sending him door to door. He will say more than you agreed for.

Therefore, it is so crucial to know the details, connotations, and context of what your logo is trying to say, and also how it is being said.

Brand identity

Behind your business, branding is a story and will impact your audience to purchase into your company. Although custom logo design is just one factor of your brand, it is the important foundation on which your brand is built. Your logo is a recognition for your business, so your preference of fonts, colors, and graphics are the most pivotal considerations for your brand.

Brand loyalty

The first time a client chooses to purchase your products or use your services if they find great satisfaction, brand loyalty starts. The trust they get within your brand means they will keep your logo in mind, check your logo when they shop around, suggest you to their family and friends by presenting them your logo. Customers love consistency and this friendliness will stem from your logo.

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