Vastu For Health – 10 Important tips

This blog is entirely focused on making you understand some facts and truth regarding significance of Vastu for good health. Also, we will share some essential Vastu tips for health that if followed will be a blessing in disguise for you and your well-being. 

Our health is one of the greatest assets for our well-being. We often might not believe but we might be surrounded by negative energy that is having a bad impact on our health. 


Vastu For Health: What it is and Why? 
Perfect Vastu, Amazing Health! 
How Poor Vastu Can Lead To Bad Outcomes? 
The Science Behind Health And Vastu 
The Bottom Line

Undeniably, the quote “health is wealth” is heard by all of us innumerable times. But the question is if it is really true? A major concern following health is what actually is making our health deteriorate to a great extent? Why are we not able to get that perfect lifestyle? What is stopping us? One of the possible answers to these questions can be the negative influences around you! We might not look through this quirky side, but somewhere we are surrounded with negative ardors around us. The facts are proven that poor health can lead to the stress of low money inflow. This is why we have shared some facts and tips related to Vastu for health to make things easy for you.  

Vastu for Health: What it is and Why? 

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.– B.K.S. Iyengar

The practice of Health and Vastu will provide you with an amazing atmosphere to pay more attention to some specific areas of the environment, having the motive to optimize the flow of positive energy and a healthy lifestyle at your home. A healthy home ensures a healthy lifestyle! There are several elements of Vastu that you can try to get that positive energy and protect yourself and your inmates from any kind of illness and sick energy.  

Our modern lives today are becoming much more complex because of innumerable modern handsets and gadgets. The utmost need is to balance our personal and professional life for sound health. The personal environment at your home will build the foundation for your mind and body for your well-being. 

Perfect Vastu, Amazing Health! 

Vastu is the cosmic science that will make use of the rhythms of nature for advancing good and healthy behavior. When you are just simply arranging and correcting all-around your surroundings, then your life witnesses a shift from bad to good health. Any house that will have good Vastu, will experience harmony, merriment, joy, laughter, and prosperity. 

Undeniably, health is in direct relation to your environment. If the environment is not created up to the mark then you are going to face some sort of health challenges. But, if you are going to follow and understand vastu, then you will be able to live a much more peaceful life. 

It is a point to be noted that perfect Vastu is not the ultimate treatment for you, but it can be a good help for both your physical and mental health. It will be a good help in rejuvenating your body and mind in recovering at a rapid speed from all kinds of difficulties, no matter minor or major. 

With a harmonious layout, there is a rise in the vibrational frequency of the energy field that can do wonders for your physical body. Mediclaim and medical insurance are definitely crucial aspects, but they are not enough to take care of your health. Healthy people are bound to create for themselves a healthy environment. You are getting to be more predictive when you start taking on your own surroundings.

How Vastu Flaws can Lead To Bad Health? 

The Vastu of poor management might increase possibilities of illness, anxiety, stress even illness. When your home or any other place is planned in a negative manner, this can turn out to be a big risk associated with your health. In the case you are suffering from a health crisis, then this will definitely have a miserable impact on your professional and personal life. A sick house means sick people too! 

With understanding Vastu for health, you’ll get one step closer to leading a healthier life. 

The Science Behind Vastu for Health

During the past, the South-east was considered as the proper agni kone of the fire center of any house. In general, it is the hot and burning sector that possesses an impact on health and this is why the kitchen is most often allocated to this direction. The question here is if in any case, in the place of the kitchen the house has a bedroom or the main entrance here, then? If you are thinking of changing it, then is that really possible?

Well, Vastu explains that anything with utmost peace and calmness is balanced along with the right use of paint and colors. The interesting fact is Vastu was actually discovered when there was no sight of electricity. Thus, all these directions we study have been fixed as per the movement of the sun and the wind. 

  • The Perfect Name 

It is often believed that the name of the owner or any tenant of the house has a lot in relation to health rather than the direction. Well, in any such situation it is quite a challenge to give some kind of instructions to every person. But, you can read some Vastu tips for good health to improve your well-being and of all the inmates at the house. 

  • The Choice Of the Best Colors 

Some of the prominent colors like chrome yellow and brighter orange hold the potential to absorb any kind of negative energy. Any place that is quite often cluttered regardless of the fact that you clean it up on regular basis, or any place that has some leakage problems needs to get painted with such colors.

Apart from this, you can also place some kind of candles, towels, artificial flowers, incense sticks, and a lot more. Plus, if you are a person with some depression or have some family member with depression, then make sure you are using these colors on your bed like for pillows, or bedsheets or any stuffed toy will be a great help to reduce the negativity. 

  • Go Green Is The Best Policy 

As per Vastu, the recommendation for you is to either droop downwards or grow upwards your money plants in some certain areas. In general, these areas must be identified only after you have completely understood the place well. Remember not to make use of the strongest or healthy money plant that might grow upwards to a great extent on a moss stick or just droop down entirely into the place. Basically, the motive is to keep any kind of indoor plant, as they bring in optimism. 

  • The Circulation Needs To Be Continous 

Always ensure that you are able to get enough sunlight and air circulation all around the place you are sitting. If in any situation, this is impossible, you should always try to keep the interiors well-lit and make use of brighter lights only. Keeping the windows open for at least 3 days is also a good option. Plus, lighting up a diya, every evening near a water source or tulsi plant can protect you from evil eyes and improve your general lifestyle. 

Vastu for healthThe Bottom Line 
The best thing about understanding Vastu is to see how it can be your best friend and solve the problems in just one go! Additionally, learning about Vastu Shastra for health will benefit not just you but all the people around you who are supposed to associate with you. Today, you can see innumerable Vastu consultants in Mumbai, Delhi, Faridabad, and so on offline and online including Vastu Devayah Namah that can make you understand and help you in overcoming any challenge in life related to health. Thus, several people trust and follow these tips to make sure that they are getting all the positive energy for their health.

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