Custom Boxes for CBD Vapes: Inspirational Designs & Vape Packaging

CBD is a cannabinoid within the cannabis plant, alongside another cannabinoid i.e., THC – which has psychoactive properties. CBD is preferred for relieving health conditions like chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and inflammation – to name a few. Whereas, THC is still banned in most of the American states.

So, cannabis brands typically use CBD derived from hemp when selling in non-legal states. However, in legal states, people can buy vapes containing both THC and CBD. Often in ratios that offer much higher CBD with little traces of the mind-altering THC.

Today, CBD vapes have overtaken display shelves everywhere from cannabis stores to gas station shops. Many vapers who also want to quit vaping see CBD vapes as a tempting alternative to smoking tobacco. J. Tishler – a cannabis specialist at Harvard Medical School states that using CBD vapes doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll quit vaping. However, in his opinion, CBD vapes are a healthier option in comparison with nicotine vapes. He goes on to say that: “Vaporizing CBD would be better than vaporizing nicotine because it’s non-habit forming and doesn’t affect blood pressure and heart rate like nicotine does.”Because CBD regulation by the FDA is complicated, it’s important to accurately label CBD vapes. Some CBD vapes on the market have unhealthy additives in them that has made customers weary.

While the government is still figuring out how to handle cannabis, customers read packaging labels cautiously for mental satisfaction.

Vapers looking to avoid the psychoactive THC, opt for vapes that are CBD only. A full spectrum oil contains all the terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids found in cannabis to work together. A broad spectrum means there are some, but not all, of the compounds.

Now we’ll discuss inspirational design ideas one by one for your CBD vape packaging boxes for boosting sales:

Design with Window

  • The rectangular shape with a narrow vertical window in the center creates an impression on CBD vape lovers. Vapers appreciate the direct view provided onto the CBD vape through a cellulose window.
  • Such transparent view raises the aesthetic appeal in such a way that customers like to buy without second thoughts. This builds a sense of brand credibility and customers start seeing you as a trustworthy cannabis brand.
  • Your post-purchase packaging transparency helps your brand stand-out as genuine.
  • In terms of color schemes, go for a dual shade. For example, a dark grey and tea pink is an amazing color combination.
  • Simple and easy to read Calibri font for printing CBD vape relevant information looks attractive such a packaging.

Designing with a Hang-Tab Add-on

  • CBD vape packaging boxes with added hang tab ensure display visibility of CBD vapes on counter walls and display aisles. These boxes make a dedicated display possible for CBD vapes.
  • This helps in boosting sales as it encourages impulse purchases. CBD vape boxes with hang-tab also protect from damages due to mishandling, as these boxes are hung separately.
  • From print design point of view – you can ideally go for soft-tone colors.
  • Go for an all-white background that has a broad parrot green colored strap on top.
  • The CBD-vape relevant information printed should be such that the texts appear in the same white as in the background.

Designing in a Sleeve & Tray Style

  • Another elegant design option for your CBD vape boxes is the splendid sleeve with tray style. This box styling induces grace and a high-quality CBD vape brand perception.
  • CBD vape boxes in sleeve style enhance presentation with a smooth friction sliding motion when accessing CBD vapes.
  • Also, as an added protection, you can have these boxes with add-ons like foam or cardboard inserts.
  • This way, CBD vapes are not only well protected, but also look premium.
  • In this style format, you should choose minimal printing for luxuriousness.
  • So, go for dark background that has boundary lining in gold foil stamping accompanying the logo and brand name.

Flip Top Styled Packaging for CBD Vapes

  • CBD vape boxes in flip-top styled design that features a hinged closing flap on top looks like a cigarette packaging. This packaging style induces exclusivity and uniqueness to your CBD vapes to help your brand stand-out as unique.
  • CBD vape packaging boxes in flip-top style come in two types. One is the cigarette box-like flip-top packaging, and the other is book-like flip-top boxes.
  • These boxes are pocket-sized and very functional for allowing convenience with style.
  • This sort of CBD vape packaging simply provides customers a unique experience. So, to give customers a unique experience, this packaging design is worth going for.
  • For an aesthetic twist – choose combinations between shocking colors.

Let’s now move to the ideal material types you can design CBD vape boxes with. We’ll explore the benefits of the ideal materials for custom CBD vape boxes for your cannabis brand:


Kraft is popular for being a sturdy and eco-friendly material. It degrades naturally within a few weeks in open landfills.

However, kraft is a little more expensive than paperboard. But the quality you get is worth the money.

Kraft can easily be made into the packaging of any shape, size and style. The best type of design for CBD vape boxes made from kraft are: custom sleeve and tray packaging, and custom packaging boxes with windows.

Cardboard Paperboard

We know that today, saving the environment is a big concern that has led to a need for green packaging. Paperboard packaging is renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, and durable.

Moreover, recycled paperboard does not lose durability or resistance. Which also means minimum waste generation. This material is lightweight and is the best when it comes to saving shipping costs.

Paperboard can easily be molded into the desired shape, size, and style of packaging. Ideally, you should go for the flip top-styled CBD vape boxes. Also, the hang-tab version of paperboard CBD vape boxes has unique functional benefits.

Paperboard allows high-resolution graphics and two-sided printing. This printing aspect is vital for strengthening the cannabis brand’s messaging strategy.


Rigid is the strongest of all sorts of materials out there. Rigid CBD vape boxes exude a luxury appeal by virtue of rigid material.

When CBD vapes are packed in rigid packaging – they look very premium. This packaging material also provides superior protection to body of vapes.

This material is rarely used, but CBD vapes packed in such packaging look very high-quality. Customers literally perceive CBD vapes in rigid packaging as superior in quality.

CBD Vape Labeling must be in line with Regulations

Vaping community seeks information on CBD vapes to buy only that which suits their needs.

For this, printing the right type of information plays an important role. It’s essential for boosting sales as well as for saving your cannabis brand from getting banned.

Let’s explore the most emphasized upon aspects of printing information regarding CBD vape packaging:

  • Use symbols such as:
    • Diagonal line on the Cannabis sativa leaf: It means THC free
    • Two leaves linked by a brand: It means 100% natural
    • Water Droplet: It means 100% pure
    • Tick mark in a spherical boundary: It stands for GMP Certified
    • A flask bottle sign: It stands for Lab Tested
  • Name of the CBD vape distributor
  • Packaging must be opaque
  • Inhaled cannabis products (CBD vapes in this case) – must include the universal symbol
  • A generic or common name that describes that inside is a CBD e-liquid vape
  • Who is it the product is intended for?
  • Claim health benefits but do not overstate such facts
  • Active concentration of THC present
  • Packaging date and government warning

By adhering to the above basic requirements, your cannabis brand makes its way to the target buyers successfully. And you won’t have to worry about your CBD vape being banned from reaching the display shelves.

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