Micro, small and medium enterprise need to know the latest facilitation system for credit.

Over 110 million people in india were employed by the msme registration industry on their own in 2020. Besides producing job 48 per cent were exported and 30 per cent contributed to gross domestic product according to a livemint analysis.

You can therefore immediately see why the government spare no stone to stimulate growth in the sector and strengthen its infrastructure.

The state has over the years developed several business lending program including the bank credit facilitation scheme to facilitate such objective. 

Facilitation of bank credit in a nutshell.

It is simply a deal and an agreement between the two party the national saving income certificate and various commercial and domestic bank in India. It is an agreement as well as  memorandum of understanding.

This is to support small and medium sized firm in complying with their credit standard and accessing private and national bank business loan. This system allow micro, small and medium enterprise to be supported by a request for a loan as well as document and other requirement.

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Note that all registered company and publicly recognized enterprise be they small, medium and micro are eligible for this support scheme. However to use a loan under this arrangement user must have a know your customer customer account.

Credit facilitation system for type of loan under bank.

In this system  you can claim any of these company loan.

Working capital limit.

The loan of this category may be in the form of a book debt overdraft facility bill discount service and open cash credit.

Non fund based limit.

This category of credit covers guarantee such as guarantee from international bank as well as credit letter. The company must create a credit account that permit holder of the account to withdraw the cash within a predetermined credit ceiling to profit from this facility.

Term loan.

Based on your requirement and reimbursement capacity you can apply for long as well as medium and short term credit. Company generally ask for a loan for the acquisition of equipment as well as other substantial cost that are important for establishing and expanding a company.

Facilitation scheme for the salient feature of bank.

Check out the most remarkable feature of this system.

Integrate both governmental and private institution to give financing for micro, small and medium enterprise.

Help company get reduced interest rate in the performance and loan rating program of the department.

The loan won via this scheme are normally paid back for 5 to 7 year. The same can last up to 11 year in some extreme circumstance.

This arrangement facilitate micro, small and medium enterprise to complete and submit them by national small industry corporation.

It provide aid to micro, small and medium enterprise by switching from one financial institution to another bank or transferring bank detail. The scheme also helps with a new account application.

In addition this plan strives to provide micro, small and medium enterprise with transparency in filtering and accessing more favorable national saving income certificate sponsored lending proposal.


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Required document to facilitate bank credit.

You may need to provide different documentation based on your aim of seeking a business loan.

Identity proof.

Address proof of residential and business address.

Asset and Liability Statement withincome tax return latest.

Rent agreement and lease deed.

Small scale industry certificate copy as well as memorandum of enterprise.

The unit profile.

A balance sheet with 3 year income tax and state tax return.

Balance sheet projected for 2 year.

Detail of a current banker account.

Project report emphasizing the need for term loan.

Quote from the building plan approved.

Incorporation as well as memorandum of understanding and association statutes of partnership.

Sanction and clearance of the pollution control board. Penalty for the power board.

Monthly sales and production data as well as finished good and stock value as well as debtor and creditor.


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