Feeling pregnant but tests showing negative – 5 Simple Tings

Feeling pregnant

Morning sickness, missed periods, and enlarged breasts, yet a bioassay comes up negative? The accuracy of instant bioassay kits is high, and that they frequently give the accurate result. If you wish to be completely certain, take the test 2-3 times at different intervals. this may confirm whether or not you’re pregnant. Here are several reasons why you may think you’re pregnant but aren’t.

A prelim

Taking the test timely may indicate that you just don’t seem to be pregnant. to check yourself on the correct day, you need to follow the directions on the box.

Drinking an excessive amount of water can often lead to inaccurate bioassay results. this happens when the urine becomes diluted after consuming an excessive amount of water, lowering the test’s accuracy. the simplest method to make sure a correct result’s to avoid drinking an excessive amount of water at midnight and to try and do the test very first thing within the morning. Erroneous test Incorrect findings may be obtained by using expired or broken testing. The accurate outcome is additionally influenced by the storage conditions. you want to keep the kit in your bathroom cabinet or closet and keep it aloof from extremes of temperature.

feeling pregnant

Unbalanced hormones

Missed periods are common and might offer you the sensation that you’re pregnant. If your test is negative, you’re possibly ovulating or on the verge of getting your period. If your periods are delayed for quite time period, you ought to see a doctor. If you have got PCOD, the time it takes to urge pregnant may be longer.

Adverse effects of medicines

If you have been using pills or other kinds of contraception on an everyday basis, they may be interfering along with your pregnancy findings. These medicines are harsh on the body and might cause problems not just with the oscillation but also with conception. during this case, your doctor or gynecologist would be the best person to speak to.

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